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    Spring Potluck At Wholesome Living

    Spring potluck at Wholesome Living  held on April 24 2016, was a huge success!  Residents, their families and Wholesome Living Staff had lots of fun playing Bingo, chatting and enjoying delicious food. Families were appreciative of he get together and are already looking forward to the next one!

    Residents and staff had been preparing for this gathering for weeks. We decorated the toothpicks to be used at the party, painted the ceramic cups to be used as return gifts for the families, discussed the menu, and got our hair and nails done.

    On the day of the party the staff and residents worked together in laying out the tables, chairs and food (residents instructing what does where). I would say the preparation for the event was as enjoyable as the event itself.

    Residents are still talking about this event and we have already started planning our next fun event.






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