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  • Regular exercise for Elderly

    Regular exercise for Elderly

    Regular exercise is beneficial for seniors and older adults including walking, stretching and yoga. Wholesome Living encourages regular exercise for elderly, because regular exercise provides both physical and mental health benefits. A journal, Promoting and Prescribing Exercise for the Elderly, published by the “American Academy of Family Physicians” states that: “Regular exercise provides a myriad

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  • Dementia In Seniors

    Dementia In Seniors

    There are several different types of Dementia in seniors where proper diagnosis is important as proper treatment can vary. Dementia itself is not a disease but is a group of symptoms that play havoc on the ability to think, affect social interaction, and interferes with one’s ability to function.   The most common form of

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  • Music Therapy

    Music Therapy

    Music therapy can have tremendous benefits for seniors and especially in cases where there is Alzheimer’s or dementia present. Studies have shown that “music therapy” can stimulate activity, provide socialization, can help express patriotism, religion, a sense of fraternity, or even help recall memorable experiences. In some cases where there is profound depression and lack

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  • Value Of Senior Centers

    Value Of Senior Centers

    Many Communities in the US have senior centers, but often we don’t realize where they are located in our own community until it is time a love one is old enough to attend, or we are ourselves! The benefits of participating in a senior center are: Social Fulfillment: As humans we have the need and

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