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  • Special Seniors

    Special Seniors

    In the American society youth is glorified while old age is despised and even feared! In other societies age is associated with wisdom, knowledge, and a special status among the population. There is evidence of this bias towards seniors especially in the media. In films and on TV seniors are often seen as weak, indecisive,

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  • Value Of Senior Centers

    Value Of Senior Centers

    Many Communities in the US have senior centers, but often we don’t realize where they are located in our own community until it is time a love one is old enough to attend, or we are ourselves! The benefits of participating in a senior center are: Social Fulfillment: As humans we have the need and

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  • Holidays Important For Seniors

    Holidays Important For Seniors

    There are so many reasons why holidays are just so important to seniors! Even though some seniors may take holidays for granted, there is a lot to rejoice about each holiday. Some of the reasons they are important are: They Can Volunteer – Many seniors who are even semi mobile love to do special things

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  • Controlled Breathing

    Controlled Breathing

    Breathing is an absolute essential function of life, however sometimes we forget how important it is for reducing stress and encouraging blood flow. The manner in which one breathe can affect strength and stamina, a persons quality of sleep, as well as their mood. According to the University of Missouri’s Center on Aging Studies, controlled

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